:: TURBO-BLOWERS TSI 2500 - 2800

Functional caracteristics :
The TSI TURBO BLOWERS were designed to achieve outstanding performance with reliability.
They are manufactured with high quality materials to withstand the toughest.
They come to the end of the hardest snow and frozen.
They offer a clearing width ranging from 2.500 mm to 2.800 mm. They are available in several diameters of drum and turbine discharge.
Thanks to their end bearings, you can perform widening of shoulders without straining the trumpets bridge milling.
The two spiraling attack the snow and to guide the turbine centrifugal ejection snow and plans to forcefully eject live 45 meters.
Combination, triple output fireplace, offers a choice between right and left ejection direct or through a chimney rotary valve with 280 ° hydraulic loading.
The training is carried out by front PTO the carrier vehicle.
In case of overload or meeting with a foreign body on the cutter body, safety pins protect it.
They are operating in a ski resort, in the openings of Alpine passes and airports.

Technical caracteristics :
      TSI 2500      
     TSI 2800
Width of work
2.50 m - 2.60 m 2.70 m - 2.80 m
Height of the tool        1.30 m        1.50 m
Diameter of the drums       0.90 m        1.10 m
Diameter of the turbine      1.00 m        1.15 m
Angle of ejection R/L      40°-65°        40°-65°
Flow in tours/h    9T/CV/h       12T/CV/h
Outdistance ejection maxi      
        45 m         45 m
Weight of the Brower        1800 kg       2900 kg