Functional caracteristics :
NORTH CAPE blade with two side flaps with independent hydraulic controls allows you to work in urban congested! Also appreciated for its maneuverability in ski resorts, parking, taxiway and airport motorway service areas.

Blade bi-scraping steel / rubber or polyurethane, allows snow to all snow types. You can change the base wear from the cockpit.

The steel base has a
Oleopneumatic performance against obstacles with four independent folding flaps.

The blade body is made of polyethylene and ensures perfect gliding snow. The curve of the blade is specially studied to avoid maximum projections of snow against the windshield of the vehicle.
The blade body is connected to the parallelogram by two spherical bearings for orientation and a large lift under the action of a double acting cylinder. All hydraulic functions are protected by a security system for shock valves. The blade also has a vibration system to track changes in slope of the road.
The blades are equipped with signaling LEDS, in accordance with standard

Technical caracteristics :


CN 280

CN 320

CN 360

CN 420

CN 420 CH

CN 560

Overall length :

2.80 m

3.20 m

3.60 m

4.20 m

4.40 m

5.60 m

Overall width

2.40 m

2.75 m

3.10 m

3.60 m

3.80 m

4.80 m

Central panel width

1.40 m

1.60 m

2.00 m

2.60 m

2.50 m

4.00 m

Width of the flaps right and left

0.70 m

0.80 m

0.80 m

0.80 m

0.95 m

0.80 m

Minimum space

1.90 m

2.00 m