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Functional caracteristics :
The V-BLADE fixed with steel base 400 Special brinells and penetration angle of 80 °, allows snow to heavy snowfall, enter into snow drifts or snow plow will be ineffective.

The body of the bow is made of steel and ensures a perfect sliding of the snow. The curve is specially designed to prevent snow and wind maximum projections of snow against the windshield of the vehicle.

The V-BLADE fixed is connected to a deformable parallelogram with a large lift under the action of a double acting cylinder. The bow may receive an oscillation system to track changes in slope of the road (option).

The V-Blades are equipped with a fixed signaling LEDS, in accordance with standard.

The V-Blade can effectively plow local roads, mountain roads as roads plains prone to the formation of snowdrift.

Their frames couplers are designed to adapt to standards SETRA, DIN T3, T5 or hitches Agricole.

Technical caracteristics :
  PM MM GM 1 GM 2
Height front 0.40 m 0.60 m 0.75 m 0.90 m
Height postpones 0.85 m 1.10 m 1.25 m 1.50 m
Width at the base 2.20 m 2.40 m 2.50 m 2.60 m
Weight 220 kg 400 kg 550 kg 650 kg