Functional caracteristics :
They feature a shell ejection mobile hydraulically, so that it can be oriented to eject to the right or left. These machines are especially suitable to keep the width of the lanes shoveling snow beads that accumulates on the edges of roads and highways.
It is possible to adapt the end of the exhaust pipe, a fireplace rotatable 210 ° hydraulically facilitating the work in congested areas (option). This double turbine is ideal for removing snow from local roads, highways, airports, ski resorts and mountain roads.

The combination triple output (optional), you can enjoy all the qualities of this machine maintaining a direct jet ejection snow right and left with a throw distance appreciable or go through a central fireplace hydraulically adjustable 280 ° to work in urbanized areas or perform work load. For the work of loading, it is possible to have a hydraulic valve at the end of the fireplace to better direct ejection in the truck bed (optional).

The turbine slip on the pavement with these shoes wear steel (400 brinells) adjustable. For pavements with special coatings, it is possible to have a support roller in place of the wear shoe. It is also possible to have a roll of lateral support to lean against walls or rails for security (optional).

Quickly interchangeable with a bow or a convertible snow plow with its standardized framework.
Our turbines are studied side also set directly on agricultural trailer 3 points.
They are driven by the PTO of the vehicle (100 to 300hp depending on model) or hydraulically.
Icebreaker propellers before cutting.
Mechanical safety of turbines and propellers icebreaker by shear pins.

Technical caracteristics :


HS 135

HS 150

Diameter of the turbine

1.25 m

1.25 m

Clearing width

2.30 m

2.80 m

Height of work

1.50 m

1.70 m

weight with coupling plate

1020 kg

1700 kg

Throw distance mini/maxi 

10 to 30 m

10 to 45 m


1600 t/h

2500 t/h