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Functional caracteristics :
TURBO BLOWERS type W specially adapted for micro tractors and Agricultural tractors. They are designed to achieve outstanding performance with reliability . They are manufactured with high quality materials to withstand the toughest demands . They come to the end of the hardest snow and glacées.Les two spirals attack snow and guide towards the ejection turbine centrifugal snow and forcefully projected 25 mètres.Ils offer clearing width from 1.000 mm to 2.600 mm . They are available in various drum diameters and turbine discharge . Through their end bearings , you can do the work of widening the shoulder without straining trumpets bridge milling. The 280 ° rotating fireplace with loading valve (hydraulic optional) allows you to load a truck to remove the snow in urban areas. Coaching is done by the front pto tracteur.Il mounts to lift three points of the tractor ( W 550 series 1 and series 2 for other models) in case of overload or meeting with a foreign body on the cutter body , a torque limiter with automatic re- Inrush protect it.
They are operating in an urban community, ski resort, in the openings of Alpine passes and airports .

Technical caracteristics :