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Functional caracteristics :
Fins clippers single column settle quickly (fork removal option).
They are mounted on vehicles UNIMOG, THOMAS and other special vehicles.
They can increase the clearing width and clip the slope of snow. They ensure perfect recovery of the snow from the front of snow equipment, even when cornering. Placed on the ground, they perfectly fit the irregularities of the floor with their oscillation system.
They can be quickly folded against the vehicle or some of the position they are. It is possible, on request, to have the wings fold in the size of the vehicle in order to better operate on narrow roads during transfers.
The steel structure is fully boxed high elasticity. Curve is coated high density polyethylene to facilitate sliding of the snow.
All joints are fitted with grease nipples. Fully hydraulic operation.
Discharge valves of the cylinders provide security.
Joysticks placed on supports ergonomic cabin, control fins.

Technical caracteristics :
Height front/back 0.85 / 1.00 m
Maximum raising (height of chopping) 1.20 m
Length of the aileron 3.00 - 3.40 m
Maximum spacing of the 2 ailerons 6.80 - 7.20 m
Mini encombrement folded up ailerons According to carrier
V-Blade Convertible GM 20
Blade 4 panels PV 340
Blade biscrapping EVEREST 350