Functional caracteristics :
They are designed to fight effectively against the ice in the harshest weather conditions. The hopper is made ​​of stainless steel 304 L or steel according to your choice.

Always looking for new innovations SICOMETAL developed this spreader to meet the increasing use of tractors for plowing.

We've taken the proven technology of the system with a worm spreading 3 to 12 meters per disc with stainless steel protection tube it.

Components used, high quality, guarantee the quality and reputation of our spreaders.

Our electronic control units or CR 10.55 106.03 ELK, provide precision dosing to work economically and environmentally.

The three models are ideal for working on a large number of roads, highways, parking lots.

Our boxes are easily placed in the cab of the vehicle and are easy to use. All the electronics and electric sheath arriving in a sealed enclosure IP 55.

The drive of the spreader is made by two systems:
- Driven by the tractor hydraulics.
- Driven by the PTO of the tractor by means of a universal joint, resulting in a multiplier coupled to a hydraulic pump, oil tank with a filter and filter back pressure.

Technical caracteristics :
Capacity of the hopper     1 m3 -1,5 m3 - 2 m3
Width of hopper                1.80 m
Height 1.25 m - 1.45 m - 1.65 m
Carry to overall forgery               1.28 m
Weight without options 360 kg - 390 kg - 420 kg